International presenters and professionals gathering to explore the frontier between science and spirit.

Sheila French

Spiritual Medium & Mediumship Trainer

Sheila’s original education was with the Sciences, and she went on to run her own hospitality business. She began developing mediumship in 1993 following the death of her mother-in-law, and undertook formal studies at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted and later went on to become an advanced Diploma holder in Teaching and joined the faculty. She opened her own International School of Excellence in Psychic and Spiritual studies 18 years ago, which has been going from strength to strength ever since. She travels extensively throughout Europe, where she is recognised as a caring and spiritual teacher. Within Switzerland, she has been documented in the press, and her trance work has been called highly evidential and life-changing.

In recent years, she has worked with several Universities on the study of the science of the act of mediumship and she now finds herself talking and working with those who are interested in how Spirituality and the phenomena work together within the mind of the practitioner, bringing a greater understanding to the possibility that enlightenment is open to all.  || www.ershamstar.co.uk

Nikki Slade

Kirtan Leader & Vocal Coach

Nikki Slade is a leading pioneer in the field of chanting, core voice and sound work in the UK. Nikki has inspired thousands of individuals to chant and has led chanting workshops for many corporations including M&C Saatchi, Deutcshe Bank and Cisco. She has also taken her cutting edge approach to working with the voice into Wandsworth men’s prison and she is the resident voice facilitator at the Priory hospital in North London where she has impacted the recovery of hundreds of addicts over the past 13 years.

Nikki has recorded four highly popular chanting CD’s: Nectarine, Monsoon, Soundscape and her latest double album Epiphany. She is the resident Kirtan (Chanting) leader at Triyoga in London and has travelled the world with her work to places including California, Singapore, NYC, Europe and Melbourne, Australia. She led a chant for over 2000 people at the 11.11.11 Mind, Body, Spirit show and at the 12.12.12 Oneness ceremony in London.  ||   www.nikkislade.com

Paul Aurand

Master Hypnotherapist & Award-Winning Trainer

Paul was struck by lightning in July of 1998. His resulting near-death experience propelled him on a search for a way to replicate the experience without the trauma.

Based in New York City, Paul Aurand is an award-winning Master Hypnotherapist who has worked in the field for nearly 30 years. He has been honoured as “Educator of the Year”, “Therapist of the Year” and “Hypnotherapist of the Year.” Paul has been featured in the films Flipside, On the Threshold, Dying to Know, and Discovering Regression Therapy for his ground-breaking work with NDE Regression and Life Between Lives Regression.

At the conference, Paul will be presenting a talk on Life Between Lives Regression hypnotherapy and performing a live demonstration. || www.paulaurand.com

Marcus Sorensen

PhD Neuropsychology Researcher & Holistic Therapist

Marcus is a Neuropsychology PhD researcher, multimodal therapist and interfaith minister. After forays into medical training and many forms of complementary therapy, he now actively works to bridge the gaps between spirituality, energy consciousness and the physical realm.

Alongside his private practice as a therapist and minister, Marcus teaches Psychology at the University of Kent and offers workshops and online seminars with insights from his academic research spanning from Cell to Soul.

At the conference, Marcus will be providing EEG measurements during live demonstrations of mediumship, healing and hypnosis, as well as commentary on the current neuroscience research on the spiritual practices offered. || www.healingishere.com

Susan Leybourne

PhD Researcher

Susan Leybourne is a PhD canditate at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David where she also completed her Master’s degree in ancient religions. She has had a life-long interest in mystical and mediumistic experiences, comparative religion, ancient beliefs and philosophies, trans-personal experience, the anthropology of religion, and the science of altered states of consciousness.

She has conducted research with spiritual practitioners in Egypt, Nepal, Brazil, West Africa and Borneo and has been consulted by the UK House of Lords on consciousness research. Her doctoral research examines trance and mystical experience in Greco-Roman and Jewish mystical traditions in late antiquity. She is a regular speaker at international events and conferences.

Linda Bullock

Therapist & Creator of the Linda Bullock Technique

Linda Bullock has been a working medium and healer for more than 35 years. She has worked both in England and abroad, and was a Tutor at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College at Stansted. She has run training circles and been a committee member of  Spiritualist Churches for much of her working life and has officiated at both weddings and funerals. As a wife, mother and grandmother, her life is busy and creative, and helping others is foremost in her work.

Under the guidance of the Spirit World, she created The Linda Bullock technique, which encourages clients to access the power and knowledge of their subconscious. Through the mind map created by Linda and her team, a client can walk through their daily experiences and make life-empowering changes. The system is unique and simple and is used as both a self-help and a coaching tool. || www.lindabullocktechnique.com

Jade Shaw

Astral Projection and Out of Body Experience Trainer

Jade is completing her research on Out of Body Experiences (OBE) as part of her MSc in Transpersonal Psychology. Propelled by a transformative OBE, she left a 12-year career in the arts to teach workshops on the state for psychological & spiritual growth.

Jade believes this ancient practice can radically shift our state of consciousness, impacting perception and influencing the way we live our lives. She draws on personal experience, academic research and spiritual traditions offering a well rounded and grounded view. She receives guidance from Lama Yeshe Rinpoche of the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition and has trained with expert Graham Nicholls, the Mindfulness Association, International Association of Consciousness and the renowned Monroe Institute. She is a member of the Science & Medical Network and is a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow. || www.jadeshaw.com

Tim Abbott

Spiritual Medium

Many members of Tim’s family were practicing Spiritualists, and from a very early age, Tim attended Church with them. From the age of 7, he began to explore the mediumistic possibilities and experiences.

Despite the school systm failing him due to severe Dyslexia, through his own natural abilities he went on t- formally study the science and mechanics of Spirit Contact. He then went on to become  teacher at both the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College, Ershamstar in Folkestone, and to travel the world teaching his skills to others. He has written two books: Mediumship Raising The Standards 1 and 2 , which are widely used exercise books for developing mediums.  He has been seen on television in the UK, Norway and Denmark, and he continues to share his ever-increasing experience of more than 45 years with students today.

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